Client: WB Mason
WB Mason provides a variety of office products, office furniture, and offset paper for companies throughout Massachusetts. Most of their products are ordered from a catalog or on-line and shipped directly to the customer. Their main competitor is Staples.

The Need:
To send out their monthly catalogs and their special marketing flyers on time, hassle-free, with minimal labor, and at a discounted postage cost which they were unable to attain themselves.

The Challenge:
 Currently WB Mason was printing their own mailing labels, applying them by hand, hand inserting all of their catalogs and mailers into large envelopes, and then mailing everything at the full first class postage rate.  Along with having to meter all of these envelopes, it was consuming 35-40 man hours per month to get these mailings out into the mail.

Electronically send the marketing data to JLS. From that point on, JLS now manages this database. All of the catalogs and materials are sent to JLS for fulfillment and mailing. JLS also prints any flyers and/or envelopes at a much lower price than WB Mason was able to print previously. Most importantly, through special postal software and expertise, JLS sends out all of these mailings at the discounted Presorted Standard postage rates.

WB Mason saved over $600 a month in labor and overtime. The mailing process became hassle-free. In addition, even including the JLS service fees, WB saved almost 40% on their postage costs. The monthly postage savings averaged to be about $2800. In summary, by utilizing JLS’ expertise in database management and mailing services, WB Mason saved over $40,000 annually in postage and labor.

Mass Property Insurance Underwriters - Data to Mail

The Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association (MPIUA), also known as the Massachusetts FAIR Plan, provides basic property insurance on eligible property for applicants who have been unable to gain insurance through the voluntary market. The client needed to upgrade their statement processing capability.

The Need:
• MPIUA wanted to avoid the $23,000 per month costs to upgrade their in-house statement processing capabilities
• Produce installment and annual invoices with personalized letters and return payment component

The Challenge:
• Outsource to JLS statement processing previously done in-house 
• Receive daily transmission of secured data from client site
• Test the output to ensure special bar coding requirements met bank compliance standards

• Set-up secured FTP site to receive daily secure data transmissions
• Produced a range of test invoices to ensure compliance with bank’s standards

• Documents are produced daily at JLS at 22% less than in house cost 
• Total monthly savings vs. in-house equipment costs alone $9,500/monthly or $114,000.00 annually

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