Here at JLS we offer a wide variety of data driven marketing solutions. We accept most common industry data formats. 

We service 
We offer services to increase your deliverability, accuracy and profitability by processing mailing lists through NCOA (National Change of Address), Merge/Purge, CASS (address standardization) and by utilizing our deduping, list standardization and suppression services. 

JLS offers data services in compliance with USPS that not only ensure the best postal discounts and cost effective postal rates, but also eliminates all the incorrect and unrecognizable addresses in your mailing list. Our industry leading software offers the following services:
•    NCOA – National Change of Address
•    CASS Certification – Coding Accuracy Support System
•    Full-Service Intelligent Mail® Barcoding
•    LACSLink™ – Locatable Address Conversion System
•    Merge / Purge
•    Suppression
•    Postal Presort
•    Carrier Route Code
•    Postal Reports
•    Data Conversion
•    Data Entry
•    Database Confidentiality

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