JLS traces its roots back to 1918 when Elizabeth Joyce Braddock, one of America's first female entrepreneurs, founded the Joyce Letter Shop company.  She first discovered the benefits of communicating through direct mail while selling hay for her dad.  The ability to quickly sell her dad’s hay in record time with a small mailing was the beginning of what was to become one of New England’s largest direct communications companies.



Through the early years, Joyce Letter Shop provided secretarial services to the local banking and investment community as well as to the city and state government. Bills and other communications would be manually typed, folded, and mailed. 


The company flourished in Boston, even though the Depression, by rising to every challenge and providing a diverse array of services with uncompromising quality. As direct mail became a significant medium, the company began serving both businesses and marketers. Over the years, Ms. Joyce built her business by adding traditional lettershop services, addressing and inserting.


Mechanical innovations started to be developed in the 30s to make life easier and more profitable for letter shops.  Today you can see some of this equipment in our museum. The museum offers; an auto pen, a robo typer, an addressograph and many other pieces of equipment on display from that time.  In the early 1980s analog devices and ink jet printers replaced this equipment, followed by the digital age in the 90s.  Presently, these services have evolved to digital on demand printing, while preserving personalization and high quality as practiced by Ms. Joyce. 

Address and document information that required entire rooms to house now can be stored on a device no bigger than your thumb.  Processing equipment that weighed thousands of pounds now can be done on a device that sits on a desk.



When Ms. Joyce died in 1970 Ms. Josephine M. Fondeicaro took over the business and ran it until 1983. Ms. Fonde as she was known was a key operations person during the time that Ms. Joyce owned the company. In 1983, Jim Clark acquired the business from the Joyce family. Since acquiring the business, Jim has overseen its growth and evolution through great changes and advances in postal automation, data technology and the advent of the Internet. Jim led the company's steady investment in its presort, data management and automated mail-processing capabilities. JLS was one of the first companies in the Northeast to offer presort services in the early 1980s. In the 1990s, JLS was one of the first companies to introduce automated presort services and have a detached postal unit on site. With the advances in bar coding and changes in postal automation rules, JLS continued to invest in the software, digital equipment, the latest in postal automation and automated inserting technology—including the latest optical reading capabilities to process hand written mail. In addition, the company began offering value-added services such as data management, and variable document management through direct mail services. JLS was awarded the coveted MPTQM (Mail Preparation Total Quality Management) award in 2001 from the United States Postal Service. Only eighteen companies in the country were granted this quality processing award. In 2002, Mr. Clark founded a new group at JLS, Direct Response Solutions, which provided direct mail fundraising consultation to the nonprofit sector. Today, JLS Mailing Services carries on the traditions established by its founder and is an industry leader in providing direct marketing solutions to businesses and marketers. A total commitment to quality, flexibility of services, and continual investment in the latest technologies has enabled JLS to attract a talented staff and retain an impressive portfolio of clients from a broad spectrum of industries.

JLS is an environmentally responsible company doing everything possible to preserve the planet for future generations. We understand and encourage responsible mailing practices. – including the use of environmentally friendly inks and recycled papers. We source locally whenever possible, and recycle paper and chemicals responsibly. JLS is proud to be the only mailing and printing facility in the country that is powered 100% by solar.

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